E-mail marketing

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Email marketing

  • a technique to attain a specific group of individuals straightforwardly through electronic mail by carrying out the advertisement message (Lewis, 2002)

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Direct email marketing spreads out to the respective business’ area of expertise. By the direct transmission this approach has a modest price comparing with other advertising methods of media revelation, therefore it is beneficial for reaching multitude of prospective clients. Corresponding business messages allows to introduce texts, links, graphics to individuals who do not know the addresser, hence possibly show the interest into products or services suggested. Email marketing helps tracking how effective the method actually is by keeping the pace of the times individuals view firms’ website after mass mailing. Direct emailing is the content of advertisement, meaning with the help of a feedback mechanism, future clients can inform the company about its pros and cons of the specific advertising campaign. (Stokes, 2013)


The strategy of email marketing is at the key importance and should be critically analysed due to the potential customer fast skimming through text.  Therefore, the CEO of “getVero” -an event based email platform built for product focused teams to collaborate on designing personalised customer interactions, Chris Hexton, suggests that there are few ways of how to advance the skill of the e-mail tool. (Twitter, 2017)

Techniques of e-mail marketing 

Email content as textual and non-textual data:

– Emails are more shortly and briefly written than many other documents and consist of up-to-date words or abbreviations that are not usually in traditional dictionaries.

– Moreover to textual data, emails consist of fuller types of data, such as URL links, HTML markups and pictures.

Email categorisation

– Organises emails into various categories. This method helps in finding and organising emails.

Contact analysis

– Identification of specific email contacts or groups of email contacts by contacts’ characteristics from the email contents or email social relations.

  • Contact identification – to discover email contacts with special characteristics, such as individuals with particular expertise and determine whether the sender of a suspicious email is the email account owner himself or somebody else with malicious intention.
  • Contact categorisation – to attach email contacts into groups so that the contacts within each group have specific common characteristics.

Email network property analysis

-Analysis of the email network critically, such as general network structures, relation strength and organisational structures.

Email visualisation

-Usage of the visualisation methods assist users to identify, repair and summarise useful information. (Guanting, 2014)

Limitations of e-mail marketing 

E-mail marketing can be seen as a most supportive tool due to the following reasons:

  • low cost
  • reliability
  • easy relationship building
  • targeting
  • fast
  • good tracking

However, there are few disadvantages when using this form of the communication.

Here are four reasons why. (Sijmply cast, 2011)

Recent campaigns 


Charity: water is one of the few donation campaigns, where addressing the usage of the donated money. By the help of automated e-mails, users entering and purchasing items of the website, for example, from the charity:water can receive in their inbox this following newsletter. The benefit of this type of e-mail is to see the actual facts and figures within time of 2 minutes. These type of messages leave reader an interest into the future of the organisation and builds a satisfying image. (Hubspot, 2016)


With the help of slogan, few images and sequential number, reader is able to identify information within seconds and can keep this message in the memory. Newsletter had been made short and precise with the concept of showing the service PayPal provides. (Hubspot, 2015)


The marketing technique JetBlue used is knowledgable and smart. This message clearly is targeting readers to initiate and consider to do a purchase and use companies services. Every element from the header, to the three witty points, call to take an action; this work has created a lovable campaign that is promotional without being pushy. (Hubspot, 2016)

Mr. Richard Branson ceases to amaze with his clever marketing strategies and advertisements. This time, like always, he has done a great job by informing about the companies message.

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